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The idea for this piece came from Buddhist concept of understanding that fighting with anyone or anything is futile since if you are looking for a fight you will always have an opposing force in the form of a another human or nature. Not because the opposition is negative towards you but because you choose to fight and the world gave you what you wanted. Fighting is not an answer and it’s useless.

Artist: Anton Vitkovskiy

Style: Neo Expressionism/Abstract Art/Art Brut

Title:"Fighting with the water"

Size: 40 x 50 inches

acrylic on a glass framed print

Materials: acrylic, canvas, frame, glass

Handmade item

Signed and dated on the front and back by the artist.



A Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Artist

Ships worldwide from Brooklyn, NYC.

Free International shipping !!!

“Fighting with the water” tribal expressionist painting on glass

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