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Artist: Anton Vitkovskiy

Style: Tribal Expressionism/

Title: “Sticks and stones ”

Inspired by the Prehistory and people of the paleolithic period of human histrory around 20,000 years ago. Depicting a raw paleo shaman with a wooden  animistic staff from a hunter gatherer tribe.

This is a retro reflective painting employing 3m technology which is used on the traffic signage, which means it reflects the light back when you shine a flashlight or a flash from a phone.This is one of the kind piece of art with the innovative artistic technology.


Size: 30x40 inches

Thickness : 1,5 inches

Acrylic on 3m material stretched on top of a canvas.


Global International Shipping is available !


Materials: acrylic paint , canvas,3m material.

Handmade item

Signed and dated in the back of the canvas by the artist.

created in 2024


A Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Artist

ready to hang.


Ships worldwide from Brooklyn, NYC.

Shipping is Free within the US only .

“Sticks and stones” Original Acrylic retro reflective Painting

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