Blue Fox painting

Original painting "Blue Fox” in Metaphysical Tribal Expressionism by New York Artist Anton Vitkovskiy


Original Tribal Metaphysical painting based on a found Elvis Presley image, Iridescent acrylic paint

Mona Lisa in Tribal expressionism style of painting

Original hand-painted "Mona Lisa” remix in Tribal Expressionism style

"Spectacle" Original painting for sale created in Tribal Expressionist style by Anton Vitkovskiy

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Abundance painting on a cardboard

Tribal Expressionist painting by Anton Vitkovskiy

Original metaphysical painting "Aligned"

Created in Tribal Metaphysical expressionism by Anton Vitkovskiy

Proclivity expressionist painting

Original post modern Tribal expressionism painting on vinyl


Article about Anton Vitkovskiy on Left Bank Magazine,Brooklyn based publication.


Article about Anton on Culture trip

"Global" Painting

Original Tribal Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Globalism"

Acrylic Painting "Who Dis ?"

Original Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Who Dis ?"

Anton with a Sculpture Painting

Anton Vitkovskiy holding one of his first sculpture paintings,exited to be showing this to the public

Fly 3d  Painting Fragment

Mixed Media Painting painted with a rope and tribal elements


Original Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Reasons"

unnamed (3)
"Mask of a lost civilization

Original Expressionist Sculpture Painting "Mask of a lost civilization


Tribal Mannequin in the Studio of Anton Vitkovskiy

Unruly Backyard

Painted Murals by Anton Vitkovskiy in the backyard of Unruly Collective in Bushwick,Brooklyn

"Dutch/Indian Mask"

Original Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Dutch/Indian Mask"

"Too Fast"Vinyl Painting

Original Tribal Expressionist Acrylic Postmodern Painting "Too Fast"

"Chess Player" Painting

Original Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Chess Player"

"Forward Movement" painting

Original Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Forward Movement"

"Lady with a Cigarette"

Original Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Lady with a ciagrette"

"Out of the frame"

Original Tribal Expressionist Acrylic Postmodern Painting "Out of the frame"

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 11.13.42 PM
Inside of Unruly Collective

In the studio inside of Unruly Collective, painted by Anton Vitkovskiy

Ancient Boy Painting sculpture

Painting sculpture by Anton Vitkovskiy

Tribal Mannequins in the studio
Van Goth Painting

One Goth

"Freedom is free of charge"

Original Expressionist Acrylic Postmodern Painting "Freedom is free of charge"

Acrylic Painting "Sur"

Original Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Sur"

Acrylic Painting "Words"

Original Expressionist Acrylic Painting "Words"


 to the website of Anton Vitkovskiy, Anton is a Tribal-Expressionist artist currently residing in New York City, His work represents a collision of tribal visual elements,abstract and expressionism art. He is continuously working to bring more art to the eyes of the public.



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